Hot gadgets to stay cool in the summer

Jennifer Jolly, founder and a technology columnist for the New York Times and USAToday, shared her top seven gadgets and tech tools to help you keep you cool in all kinds of sticky situations this summer.


A smaller-than-a-lunchbox and portable personal air cooler can sit on a desk or kitchen counter and creates your very own personal, perfectly controlled and cooled micro-climate.

The thermostat connects to an app on your smartphone so that your house is always the perfect temperature when you walk in the front door - but you're saving money while you're away. Add a plug and play Honeywell Lyric Gateway security and smarthome hub and use it to keep bad guys out - control the lights, thermostats, locks, window shades and more - everything - from near or far.

Forgot your wallet? No big deal. The Square Cash app makes sure you have money when you want and need it most - get it, send it - spend it all from an app on your phone. No hassles. The app makes it super simple to split a group bill, pay someone back for concert tickets or get money on the go.

4. DOSH APP (Free)
Why not make a little money along the way too with the brand new Dosh App?
-Download it for free, connect a debit or credit card, and shop or travel like normal.
-In order to find cash, Dosh scans millions of offers from more than 100,000 merchants - like Gap, Target, Holiday Inn - you name it - and applies it right when you swipe your card.
-It also has some of the best deals in travel, plus substantial cash back offers on all major hotel brands and car rental companies. The rebate amount depends on the deal the merchant offers-it might be $100 for a $360 hotel room, or a couple dollars for a $30 tank of gas.
-Either way, it's a sweet way to put money in your pocket, and it uses bank-level, encrypted security. It doesn't collect or store any personal data.

5. CALIFORNIA ROLL BY LEMON ($249 - pre-order)

A solar-powered compact speaker that can last up to 20 hours with just seven hours of sunlight. Waterproof, shockproof and temperature proof, awesome sound quality. Charges up your devices on the go too! Available for pre-order. Speaker can ship at the end of this month. Contains over 15 features, including Bluetooth connectivity and multi-connection feature, so that you can connect up to 3 phones at once.

6. GOTENNA: ($149 for two)
This little device lets you text when there's no cell service. The devices pair to regular smartphones via a simple messaging app. Lost? No cell servicr? No problem. Type a message, send a GPS location, and access free offline maps for the whole world via the goTenna app. It gets rid of channel-switching and interference. Also allows users to do private one-to-one or group chats and public broadcasts.

7. PRYNT POCKET: ($149.99)
The newly released Prynt Pocket turns your iPhone into an instant camera, and prints images anytime, anywhere. But what's really cool is that it uses augmented reality - so if you hover the Prynt app over the photos - the images come to life, turning into animated videos like magic. It prints videos from Facebook, Instagram, Apple Live Photos, and more.

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