New TLC show 'The Spouse House' features all Chicagoans!

CHICAGO -- TLC's newest dating show is a cross between "The Bachelor" and "Survivor" - 7 men and 7 women live for 8 weeks in a house, with the goal of getting married. They are paired up and with the help of relationship experts, they try to find love, on the fast track. The hitch? At the end of each week one couple has to get engaged, or they are kicked out of the house!

"The Spouse House" premieres on July 9, but we get the inside scoop from 3 of the participants, because this first season - all of the contestants were chosen from the Chicago area!!!

Ashley Lauren, Naya and Darren stop by WCL to talk about their experience being on the show.

Find out more about "The Spouse House" at the TLC website: