Toys to get kids playing outside this summer

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Summer is the time to be outside and toy makers know it!

There is a new batch of toys on the market this season designed to get kids and adults from in front of screens and outside enjoying the weather and each other.

Andrienne Appell from the Toy Association brought some of her favorite toys to ABC7.

Some of these toys will be donated to Chicago-area foster children Thursday at Guaranteed Rate Stadium.


Night Basketball (Tangle)
Age: 8+
Price: $24.99
-Lights up as it's thrown and bounced
-Waterproof design really floats
-Bright LED lights
-Encourages children to practice their fine motor skills and build grip strength.
-The ball lights up to provide sensory feedback as children play basketball

Inflatable Sports Toss (ToySmith)
Age: 5+
Price: $19.99
-Two sports in one!
-Baseball on one side and football on the other
-Helps exercise fine motor skills
-Ball is not included
-44" tall

COOP Scatter Dodgeball (COOP Sports)
Ages: 5+
Price: $19.99
-Looking for a new twist on the classic game of dodgeball? Gather up two to six players and hand out two wristbands of the same color.
-Players circle-up while one player rolls the dice ball. The player wearing the colored wrist bands that match the color on the dice ball -- as it comes to rest -- is the thrower for that turn.
-As the other players scatter, the thrower attempts to hit them with the dodgeball. Players that get hit must surrender a wrist band to the thrower.
-If the targeted player catches the ball, the thrower must surrender a wristband. T
-The first person to get all the wristbands wins the game!

Bunch O Balloons Filler Soaker (Zuru)
Age: 3+
Price: $14.99
-Can fill up Bunch O Balloons or double as a water blaster
-Attach the balloons to front nozzle, place Filler/Soaker into a body of water and make hundreds of self-sealing water balloons in minutes
-Use the water blaster to shoot over 30ft
-Pack includes: 3 bunches + Filler/Soaker

Sizzlin' Cool Splash Foam Pumper (Toys R US)
Age: 4+
Price: $3.99
-Have some fun this summer with our Sizzlin' Cool Splash Foam Pumper (Colors/Styles Vary)! The pumper floats and squirts real foam!
-With Sizzlin' Cool it's summer all year long!
-Sizzlin' Cool toys and games are always cool!

Central Park Outdoor Blanket and Cooler Bag (Skip Hop)
Age: All ages
Price: $45
-Central Park Blanket is ready for the beach, park or playtime at home!
-Once you reach your destination, it unfolds into a spacious water-resistant blanket, keeping everyone's picnic clean and dry.
-This versatile blanket features an insulated cooler bag to chill snacks and drinks; there's even room for parent essentials.
-Detach the cooler bag and it becomes a compact messenger for quick trips to the ice cream stand!
-Cushy surface wipes clean; Machine washable

Skyrocket Spiderman Drone (Skyrocket)
Age: 12+
Price: $89.99
-Everyone's favorite web-slinger is back in Spider-Man: Homecoming, sporting a new high-tech gadget.
-Now you can own the Official Movie Edition Spider-Drone, a functional replica of Spidey's eight-legged, surveillance drone.
-The ergonomic flight controller with spidey-suit inspired design includes Voice Feedback with phrases straight from the blockbuster film.
-Complete the experience by downloading the free Spider-Drone app, which hosts a flight manual, checklist of flight achievements and media gallery.
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