Toddler leaves footprints all over freshly poured concrete

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Little Izzadora really left her mark in her family's basement. (Porter Concrete Construction Co/Facebook)

Two-year-old Izzadora Millaway was looking for her parents when she walked into the basement. Little did she know that she would leave a lasting impression on the freshly poured concrete.

Cleveland, Tennessee-based Porter Concrete Construction Co. shared funny photos of little Izzadora standing in the concrete with a trail of footprints behind her.

"Best concrete comedy!" the company said on Facebook. "Normally we see cats and dogs run or walk in concrete... but not this time."

According to the company, Izzadora was safely removed from the concrete and was properly washed off. Most of the footprints were filled back in, but a few were left behind. The family kept a few prints, along with some new ones from her little brother, as a fun reminder.
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