Mega Millions winner from Palos Heights claims $393M jackpot

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A woman from southwest suburban Palos Heights and her husband are millions richer after claiming the Mega Millions jackpot two weeks after the winning numbers were drawn.

Patricia Busking bought her ticket at Nick's BBQ in Palos Heights. Busking and her husband stepped up to claim their oversized, high dollar check Friday after taking a few weeks to process that they, in fact, won the largest prize in Illinois Lottery history.

"It was a surreal, out of body experience when I saw all those numbers that matched," she said.

The couple said they don't play the lottery often, just when it gets big. Somehow Patricia timed it right on Aug. 12. She said they will share the prize money with family in friends, as well as donating to charities near and dear to their hearts.

For selling the winning ticket, Nick's BBQ will receive $500,000. The couple is taking a lump sum payment of $246 million.

Patricia said she didn't even play her own personal lucky numbers; she paid $5 for a Quick Pick ticket. Employees at Nick's BBQ said the win has been great for business.

"It's been incredible for business," said Jeff Keenan, employee. "Lines out the door for lottery. Like, 'Hey guys, we cook too!'"

Patricia and her husband stopped by Nick's to pick up a few steak sandwiches for dinner on their way home. While there, she noticed the Mega Millions jackpot was high and decided to add on a lottery ticket.

The couple spent two weeks discussing what to do with the money before they came forward.
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