Lakeview 6-year-old on a mission to make kids smile

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A 6-year-old Lakeview girl has made it her mission to celebrate differences and bring a smile to children across the Chicago area. She is literally crafting one smile at a time and making us Chicago Proud.

Get a kit, create a design and wear it proudly. That is the simple plan behind the charity organization Coming Up Rosies.

Rosie Quinn was diagnosed with alopecia at just two-and-a-half.

"We'd wake up in the morning and there would be just fists full of hair on her pillow, so we went to the doctor and they said, 'Oh this is alopecia,'" said Paula Quinn, Rosie's mother. "As a parent there is nothing you can do for alopecia, there is no cure it's an autoimmune disease. So we really decided to focus on her inner beauty, her confidence and embracing this difference. So that's how Coming Up Rosies began."

"I didn't want my life to like sad, so I wanted to make up something that can make me happy again," said Rosie Quinn, founder of Coming Up Rosies. "I didn't like people pointing at me so one day it just hit me, because I love doing art and so I wanted to make scarfs."

Coming up Rosies provides craft kits to children and create customized head and neck scarves from their original artwork.

Children at the Ronald McDonald House got the chance to take part in Rosie's first crafting party. This all thank to Jeff Magee, Manager of Team and Family Relations for the Chicago Cubs. Magee rounded up his friend to donate to coming up Rosies after meeting Rosie at a game back in August.

"Our families get to have something fun, they get to feel cared for by members of our community and the kids get to participate in something they might not have gotten to experience otherwise and it's just something positive for everyone in the family," said Lisa Mitchell, Vice President of Programs & Services at the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Chicagoland and NW Indiana.

So far Rosie has brought a smile to more than 200 kids across the Chicago and she has no plans of stopping there.

"That it gets as big as it can and that we get enough money as we can to make the kids smile, like almost everyone in the whole entire world," said Rosie. "I love making kids smile. If I smile and they're not happy there's got to be a point where they can smile."

Rosie said after she's done helping children with cancer and alopecia she wants to help the homeless, become a children's book author and an Air Force pilot.

For more information on how to help and to gift a kit to a child visit:
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