Group floats down river in inflatable pink flamingo raft in YouTube stunt

LOS ANGELES -- A group was seen aboard a hot pink flamingo-shaped inflatable raft, floating down the Los Angeles River on Monday.

The group of three appeared to lounge on the raft, which was seen floating in the Boyle Heights area around 1 p.m., then making its way into the Vernon area.

Law enforcement officials eventually approached the three individuals, who got off the raft and pulled it off to the side of the river. Officials were seen speaking to the three and handing them what appeared to be tickets.

Meantime, other law enforcement officials were seen looking through the contents inside the inflatable flamingo.

The group then deflated the raft, stuffed it into a bag, loaded it into a car and left the area.

The trio of YouTubers, who call themselves the "JoogSquad," said they've pulled a similar stunt before, but their previous raft wasn't quite as eye-catching as the bright pink flamingo.

The three said they just wanted to bring a smile to peoples' faces on a Monday and didn't mean any harm, but they did have some concerns about the water they were rafting in. "Mainly we were just worried about needles and diseases really," one of the rafters said.
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