MOVIEPASS: 'Unlimited movies in theaters for $9.95 a month is BACK'

After just days ago saying they were going to tighten their subscriptions and limit new customers to just four movies a month, MoviePass is reversing course.

The company, in a series of Facebook posts confirmed, "Unlimited movies in theaters for $9.95 a month is BACK. Any theater. Any movie. Any day."

MoviePass now has more than two million subscribers, up from 20,000 when MoviePass slashed prices to $10 a month in August.

The move to curtail their subscription offering came as the sustainability of MoviePass' business model comes into question. Because MoviePass is paying most theaters the full price of the ticket, the service loses money with just one or two movies in a month. The average ticket price in the U.S. is about $9, though $15 and up is common in big cities.
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