Woman sexually assaulted outside her Uptown apartment building

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Chicago Police are investigating a sexual assault they say happened on the 4400-block of North Magnolia Avenue overnight on May 8th. Police say an assailant was able to make his way into a corner courtyard outside an apartment building.

Police believe the gate did not fully close behind the victim when she entered the courtyard in front of her building,

"Four o'clock in the morning, I heard the front door close," said Anndrena Belcher, who lives in the building.

Before that, at about 2:30 am, police said a man threw a young woman to the ground and sexually assaulted her. Belcher said the woman, who police described as in her early 30s, typically returns from work around that time.

"Just a hard working young woman, beautiful young woman who happens to work at night," she said.

Belcher said the assault happened steps outside her window, but she heard nothing.

"Since the door closed, I did not hear the gate close, did not hear screams. If I had heard any of that... But yes, I wish I had gotten up and maybe i could have seen something maybe, I could have been of help," Belcher said.

Lillian Reyes, who lives on the block, also gets home from work around that time. She knew nothing about the attack.

"I might carry some mace with me or something like that to protect myself in case get out of the car at night, and I'm alone, and I live alone," Reyes said.

The tree-lined block of North Magnolia is also mere blocks from Truman College. Students who walk the block said they've come to expect uneasiness.

"We get email notifications when there's shootings in the area. I've only gone here one semester and it's happened like five times," said Michelle Garnett, student.

Police have only a vague description of the alleged assailant. No one is in custody. An investigation is ongoing.
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