Geyser spews from the ground inside JFK Airport baggage claim

JAMAICA, Queens -- Wild video from inside JFK Airport shows a baggage area covered with water, thanks to a geyser spewing from the ground.

Eyewitness News viewer Eugene Galdi said he spotted the geyser inside Terminal 8 while waiting for relatives to arrive from Italy. A fountain erupted inside the airport.

Luckily, the baggage claim was not in use, so thankfully it does not appear any luggage was damaged.

Eyewitness News is told the indoor geyser started early Sunday afternoon, and was contained within a few hours.

Officials reported flights and retrieval of luggage were not impacted. Workers immediately began vacuuming up the excess water, which did not appear to flood other areas.

Port Authority says the geyser was caused due to a backflow of rain water, which broke through the floor drain when the reverse flow valve malfunctioned. They also say an independent contractor cleaned up the water.
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