4-year-old boy wears cape while feeding homeless

DETROIT, MI -- A 4-year-old boy has taken action to become a real-life superhero.

Austin Perine is from Birmingham, Alabama. The preschooler is traveling the country feeding the hungry.

On Wednesday, he arrived in a cape to applause at the Mariners Inn homeless shelter in Detroit.

His dad says uniquely it started when Austin asked what would happen to a panda all alone in an Animal Planet segment.

His dad answered.

"It will be homeless for a while, but it will grow up and be okay. He said, what is homeless? And then I explained it is when you don't have food or mother or father around. That sunk in and he wanted to know more and more about it," said T.J. Perine, Austin's dad.

So dad took Austin to help the homeless and Austin wanted to do more. They launched a series of projects called "Show Love."

"It feels like I am a real-life superhero," said Austin.

Austin says he wants to become President of the United States someday.

If he were to be elected Austin said he would "Feed the homeless and fight bad guys in schools."

He added that he will continue to wear a cape.

Austin does this work with the help of sponsors.

Burger King has donated chicken sandwiches. Comfort Inn is providing him a place to stay as he travels the country doing good deeds.