2 Chicagoans compete in first ever 'Jeopardy!' All-Star Game

CHICAGO (WLS) -- For the first time in "Jeopardy!" history, six of the show's most recognizable contestants are now captains in a brand new team championship, including Chicagoans Julia Collins and Colby Burnett.

"The fact that it's a team competition is a bit frightening in a way because we've never attempted it before," Alex Trebek said.

Julia Collins, a website administrator, is the only female captain with a 20-game win streak, the second highest in Jeopardy history.

"We're hoping because viewers will eavesdrop on some of the decisions that are made between captain and team members that affect the play of the game will add to the mystery and the excitement"

The first Jeopardy All-Star Game started Wednesday afternoon with Team Colby. Colby Burnett, who grew up in the Austin neighborhood, went on to be the only player to win both the Teachers Tournament and a Tournament of Champions.

Each team has three players. All 18 elite contestants are some of the show's most popular and with the most winnings.

"This is Zen Jeopardy to me, somebody else it playing two-thirds of time I hope they'll be good," said Ken Jennings, who holds the record for the longest winning streak.

As for the Chicago crew, Alex told us they got back into training at some local bars!

"When they had trivia night competitions they participated in some of those in order to get the juices flowing and the spirit of competition," Trebek said.

And that spirit of competition continues until the winning team is crowned in two weeks.
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