Police search for bicyclist shoots Uber passenger in NYC

NEW YORK -- Police in Brooklyn are searching for a bicyclist who rode up and shot a man riding in the back of an Uber.

It happened just after 11:30 p.m. Tuesday on Bedford Avenue in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section.

Flowers belonging to the 26-year-old victim remained in the backseat of the Uber where he was sitting.

Police say the man on the bicycle pulled up to the vehicle, opened the back door and began arguing with the victim before pulling out a gun and shooting the victim in the neck and chest.

The window of the car was also shot out.

The victim was rushed to Brooklyn Hospital where he died.

Witnesses described hearing at least three to four shots.

"It's scary, I hope that there was a witness in maybe one of the businesses around here that saw who it was so they can find him," the witness said. "It's rare that I hear gunshots or see it happen around here."

The victim did not live in the neighborhood, he lived in Harlem.

There's no word on why he was in Brooklyn or where he was heading.

So far, there are no arrests.
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