CTA Red Line commute disrupted as Addison stop undergoes track improvements

CHICAGO (WLS) -- CTA riders hopping on the Red Line to head to work this week may have noticed a big change at the Addison station in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood.

"The northbound trains interrupted at Addison," said Dave Seon, a CTA rider.

CTA personnel alerted the more than 6,000 riders who use the Addison stop of track improvements that will interrupt service through April 1.

"We have no northbound service for Addison for the next three weeks. Southbound service is normal," said Tammy Chase, CTA spokesperson.

It's a message Chase said they have been passing along to passengers for weeks.

During construction, Red Line trains heading toward 95th will stop on the side usually used for Howard bound trains, while trains traveling toward Howard will bypass Addison.

"We are telling people to use the Belmont or Sheridan station as an alternative," Chase said.

Riders said there was a bit of confusion Monday morning, as the trains zipped past the Addison stop. Many had to ride to the next stop to re-board and head back in the other direction.

"I was on the southbound Howard train and I had to get off here, instead of Sheridan. It was like, 'Oh, we are passing Addison,'" said Anayia Teamer, another CTA rider.
The construction is part of the CTA's ongoing investment to improve rail service.

"Basically it is old track parts. Track ties. The pieces that hold the track ties together. All the things get replaced and renewed. It makes the trains run more smoothly, feels like a smoother ride when you're on the train, gets rid of the slow zones that makes our trains go slower than the posted speed." Chase said. "It is a good thing."

The renovations at the Addison stop are part of a $4-million investment. They're a piece of the $2.1-billion Red and Purple Modernization Project, which starts later this year.

For now, riders said they are just going to have to plan ahead.

"I'll have to get off at the Brown Line instead of the Red Line," Teamer said.

"Wake up at 7 a.m. and take the bus - and the bus is slower and longer," said Christopher Okafor, a CTA rider.

For more information, head to the CTA website.
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