'If I get fired, I'm going to kill,' Aurora gunman Gary Martin vowed before Henry Pratt shooting, state's attorney says

AURORA, Ill. (WLS) -- Prosecutors have released their report on the deadly Henry Pratt shooting in Aurora last February, including details on what the gunman said in the morning before killing five of his colleagues.

The report by the Kane County State's Attorney said that the alleged gunman, Gary Martin, told a coworker that, "If I get fired, I am going to kill every ************ in here. I am going to blow police up."

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The employee Martin spoke with on February 15 told police that he believed Martin was making "off the wall" statements, and wasn't concerned. The employee was aware Martin carried a gun in his vehicle, but had never seen him with a gun inside the building and did not know he had a gun that day, the report said.

The state's attorney's report said Martin spoke with a few other employees the morning of the shooting, saying he was concerned he would be fired for not wearing safety glasses the day before. Martin was later called to a disciplinary hearing and the report details that he began shooting after learning he was being fired.

Gary Montez Martin

A timeline of the shooting reveals the active shooter response lasted about 90 minutes.
Martin was hit six times, including one shot that was likely self-inflicted. The report says that police were justified in their shooting of Martin.

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The Aurora Police Department released a little over eight minutes of surveillance video showing a portion of the mass shooting at Henry Pratt Company in February.

Police said Martin killed five of his coworkers and wounded five police officers.

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Police officers who responded to the mass shooting in Aurora were honored Monday.

Police officers who responded to the mass shooting in Aurora were honored Monday.

The Aurora Police Department hosted the "Celebration of Courage Recognition" ceremony at the Paramount Theatre.

Commendations and medals were awarded to more than 52 Aurora Police Department personnel, including the five officers who were seriously injured while taking on the gunman. The wounded officers received Blue Star Medals.

To a man, the officers said heroism was not on their minds when they entered the Henry Pratt facility on February 15. They simply wanted to neutralize Martin.

"We're trained to do our job. We hear people being shot, so we need to get into that building," said Officer Ray Rivera, who was shot in the leg.

"The goal was to get in that building no matter how many bullets were fired at us. We had to get in that building," said Officer Marco Gomez, who was shot in the hip.

The officers quickly entered the building hoping to stop the gunman before he could shoot anyone else, but they were entering an unfamiliar place and not quite sure what they were looking for.

"I could see haze, smell gunpowder," said Officer Chris Weaver. "It was extremely loud."

While searching the building for Martin, Officer John Cebulski suddenly came face to face with the gunman.

"Out of the corner of my eye I saw movement. I turned and saw the shooter. I turned and grabbed for my gun, but he shot first," said Cebulski.

All of the officers honored said it's important to know they have such support from their community. Most of the officers who were shot still have months of rehab ahead before they can return to work, but all plan to return.

Aurora officials said if not for the actions of police and first responders, many more people might have died in the shooting.

"Though you were aware of an armed and dangerous inside the building, you risked your own personal safety by engaging the offender, and in the processes, sustained severe injuries," said Aurora Police Chief Kristen Ziman. "Your selfless action and bravery while facing great danger no doubt saved many lives that day."
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