Meteor that streaked over Chicago captured on camera

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A meteor streaked over Chicago Friday night and several people captured the moment on camera.

A north suburban Riverwoods resident caught fireball on his Nest Doorbell Cam but he says didn't even realize it until people started talking about the meteor on Twitter.

The meteor appears to have fallen over Chicago.

In the west suburbs, Woodridge police sergeant also captured the meteor on dash cam.

The police department shared that video on its Facebook page.

Meteors are little particles of sand and grit according to ABC 7 Chicago Meteorologist Mark McGinnis.

McGinnis says as it's coming out of space into the upper part of the atmosphere it hits friction and it lights up.

"That's what you're seeing, that's the light that's produced, and they happen all the time," McGinnis said. "It's just that during the day, obviously, we don't see it, unless it's much more significant."
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