Neighbor rescues 13 dogs, including 7 puppies, from burning home

WESTLAND, Mich. (WLS) -- When a home caught fire in Westland, Michigan, a neighbor came to the rescue, saving a total of 13 dogs, including seven puppies.

The homeowner, who breeds and shows dogs, is beyond grateful for his efforts.

"I'd say that he's my hero. He saved all my babies," Denise Daniel said.

Daniel was talking about her 21-year-old neighbor Ryan Dobney. He happened to be driving by her home last week and saw that it was on fire.

"I saw smoke as I was turning the corner," he said.

But Dobney had no idea that inside was not one, not two, not three, but 13 dogs, including seven puppies. Two of the puppies were just five days old.

Dobney pounded on the door. No one answered, but he saw a sign in the window indicating there were dogs inside and they should be rescued if possible.

"I noticed they were in cages," Ryan told WXYZ. "I had to get them all out."

Firefighters arrived and saved the five day old pups.

Daniel has lived at the house, breeding and showing dogs, for 35 years. She was out to dinner when an attic fan sparked the fire. She rushed home when she got the call.

According to Daniel, 30 seconds after Dobney was inside, the ceiling came down on him. Luckily no one, pup or person, was hurt.

"They wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Ryan," Daniel said.

"I'm really glad I was able to help them all out," said Dobney.

Ryan is studying to be a nurse. Now he can say he's already saved lives.
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