Loop Syd Jerome store robbed for 2nd time in 2 weeks; owner believes same group responsible

ABC7 Eyewitness News Exclusive
CHICAGO (WLS) -- The owner of the Syd Jerome menswear store in the Loop said he believes the same group of thieves targeted his store for a second time in just a few weeks.

The owner said in the 50 years he and his family have been in business here in the Loop, the problem of retail theft has never been worse.

Cameras in the store at Clark and Madison captured three thieves racing to a set of clothing racks and snatching armfuls of expensive jackets. Within seconds they're trying to leave, more than 30 coats in their possession. The crime was audacious and highly coordinated.

"They know what they're doing," said owner Scott Shapiro. "This is a team that has obviously done this several times."

Syd Jerome has been hit twice in two weeks by grab-and-go thieves. The most recent incident happened early Sunday morning when the store was closed. Shapiro said the thieves got in by breaking a pane of glass.

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But after leaving with armfuls of merchandise, Shapiro said they were confronted by on-site security and ended up dropping the coats on the sidewalk.

"We want the powers-that-be to do something about this," said Shapiro.

On December 20, Shapiro broke a finger and sustained other injuries after falling through a glass display during another brazen theft. In that incident, three or four teens grabbed armfuls of merchandise. They were confronted at the door by Shapiro, his staff and even customers.

Shapiro said the thieves, who appeared to be juveniles, seemed unafraid of arrest and prosecution.

"They have no fear of repercussions," he said. "They're, frankly, out there doing adult crimes without the fear of doing adult time."

Shapiro said he thinks the same thieves may be responsible for both incidents because in Sunday's break-in, they seemed to know their way around the store.
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