'Bachelor' Peter dishes on his Chicago roots, heartbreaker Hannah

CHICAGO (WLS) -- "The Bachelor" is back with episode 2 of the new season Monday night and the sparks are already flying between the cast and an "intruder."

Peter Weber spoke to ABC7 about his Chicago roots and heartbreaker Hannah who dumped him and is now having second thoughts.

"It was real," Weber said. "That conversation wasn't supposed to happen, no one knew that was coming. Obviously, it was difficult for her in that moment, a little more difficult than she though it was going to be, a lot more difficult for me and feelings resurfaced, and you just saw both of us not holding back."

He wouldn't say if she was going to move into the Bachelor Mansion, though.

"You guys gotta tune in to find out!" he teased.

Peter took one of the bachelorettes along when his parents renewed their vows.

"My mom, she used to live in Chicago, she came from Cuba," Weber said. "I love Chicago, I love the Cubs, huge Cubs fan, I love Mr. Beef. I lived in Melrose Park. I definitely have some pageant ties with my mom, she was Miss Illinois, she did a bunch of pageants."

And, she was also a Honey Bear.

"Oh, yeah, we gotta bring the Honey Bears Back!" Weber said. "I'm a huge football fan, so I love that she was a cheerleader with Walter Payton back in the day."

And she isn't afraid to weigh in on his love life.

"My mom is a huge fan of Hannah B. and has been since the day she met her," Weber said. "She definitely gave me this advice, just follow your heart, she has my best interest at heart. We're just gonna see what happens."

You can catch all the drama on "The Bachelor" Monday night at 7 p.m. on ABC7.
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