North Chicago High School threats prompt District 187 officials to cancel classes Thursday

NORTH CHICAGO, Ill. (WLS) -- Classes were canceled Thursday at North Chicago Community High School after school and law enforcement officials learned of "concerning threats" posted to social media related to the school.

North Chicago District 187 officials decided to keep their high schoolers at home Thursday, as police investigated the threats of a school shooting.

Several messages were sent to students Wednesday night from a user with the name "Random Shooter," authorities said. The messages claimed everyone was going to die and said "I must have revenge."

Other students said the user warned: "I don't want the people I am friends with to come to school. Don't post it, some people deserve to die."

The sender appears to be the victim of bullying, according to authorities.

"Student and staff safety is our top priority. We are responding quickly and with an abundance of caution," Superintendent John Price said. "We will provide updates and more information as it becomes available."

North Chicago police did not immediately provide additional information about the threats Thursday but did say in a Facebook post Wednesday night that they were aware of the situation. Police asked anyone with knowledge of the incident to call 847-596-8774.

Mayor Leon Rockingham also confirmed police were investigating Thursday but did not provide any other details.

"I'm so proud of my students because they came to me and said 'mayor, look what we're seeing being posted on social media,'" Rockingham said.

The school is located at 1717 Seventeenth St. in North Chicago. Other schools in the district were in session Thursday.
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