Prosecutors call taxi driver, weapons examiner to testify in murder trial for fatal shooting of Chicago Cmdr. Paul Bauer

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A taxi driver who witnessed a foot chase that led to the shooting death of Chicago Police Commander Paul Bauer testified in a murder trial Friday.

Shomari Legghette sat expressionless as his trial moved into another day.

Once again, prosecutors accused the four-time felon of needlessly gunning down Bauer as he tried to apprehend him.

Police said when a now 46-year-old Legghette was arrested, he was wearing a bulletproof vest and armed with a 9 mm handgun. Police said he was also in possession of drugs.

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In court Friday, the jury heard testimony from a taxi driver who saw the foot chase and heard the shooting.

Elin Kulic said the only shots he heard came from the bottom of the stairwell.

The four men and eight women on the jury also viewed the cab driver's cellphone video and footage from his ride's security camera, which showed some of the events before the shooting. Six booming gunshots could be heard.

The officer who transported Legghette to the police station at 51st and Wentworth also testified Friday.

The jury viewed video from the officer's body camera and from her squad car's dashcam. It was part of prosecutors' effort to show that injuries on Legghette's hands were from his scuffle with Bauer and not from any mistreatment by arresting officers.

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Earlier, the Illinois State Police firearms examiner who analyzed the weapons and the bullet casings found at the scene also took the stand.

Investigators said Bauer was shot and killed in February 2018 in broad daylight in a stairwell near the Thompson Center by a fleeing suspect.

Legghette's defense attorney continued to try to undermine testimony Friday, while continuing to paint Bauer's death as the result of self-defense.

He said Legghette had no idea that the man who attacked him out of nowhere was a Chicago police officer.

Prosecutors are expected to call the Cook County Medical Examiner to testify on Monday, and then they'll rest Tuesday.

Legghette is anticipated to take the stand in his own defense.
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