Coronavirus patient: Woman diagnosed with COVID-19 in Chicago describes symptoms

CHICAGO (WLS) -- As the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 rises, we're hearing more from the people who are fighting the virus.

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A woman who used to live in the suburbs and is now quarantined in her home in Chicago shared her story with us.

Debra Westfall has a message for some of her friends who were having doubts about the reality of COVID-19. It's real, and now those friends are listening.

"But I didn't have a fever, so I, I didn't think I really had it," Westfall said. "But I have it."

Breast cancer survivor Debra Westfall describes her COVID-19 symptoms.

"I've had some body aches. And I haven't had, I haven't been able to taste anything since this whole thing started," she said.

Westfall said that before her diagnosis, some of her own friends were downplaying the virus.

"And then I decided to make a very public post on Facebook and I've gotten a lot of support from my friends and I think that I've humanized it and made it real to a lot of people," she said.

Debra Westfall says she began showing symptoms about 10 days ago. Now in isolation, she said she is missing her dogs, who are with a friend until Westfall is cleared to leave her home again.

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The Illinois Department of Public Health has created a hotline at 1-800-889-3931. More information can be found at the IDPH website and the Chicago Department of Public Health website.
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