Orland Park student organizes free grocery delivery for seniors during coronavirus crisis

ORLAND PARK, Ill. (WLS) -- Ten days ago these were student labor searching for a role, now they're delivering sustenance in an effort called "Leave It To Us."

"I have always had a knack for helping people I think it is the biggest reward in life is just to help people," Michael Arundel of Orland Park said.

Arundel is a 20-year-old pre-med student at the University of Alabama.

Arundel took to the web and started offering local seniors free shopping services. He enlisted his friends and soon the effort took on a life its own.

The effort has now spread across five states.

Gov. JB Prizker even took notice.

"He came home and he saw a need," Pritzker said.

"I'm ecstatic after he mentioned our name mention organization I have 300 emails I still have to get to, along long with some 30 plus voicemails," Arundel said.

Wednesday's delivery of a $400 order went to folks Arundel's parents know.

"They wipe the groceries, they bring them in and we're gonna eat them, so it's been wonderful. I give them so much credit they're a great group of young people," Joanne Parker said.

Joanne and Craig Parker pay the boys for their order, only the shopping and delivery are free, but the effect is priceless

"I felt better about myself knowing I am buying groceries for the elderly people knowing that they are more prone to to get sick with the disease," Jack Kuchel said.

"We are trying to make the generations that come before us proud we're trying to lead by example for the generations that come after us," Arundel said. "I think the number one reward is just being able to help people and doing what we can in such a such an uncertain time we can provide some certainty."

Arundel said that his instinct to help comes from his family, and he has promised to get back to everyone hoping to get his help.
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