Fourth grade virtual classroom 'zoom-bombed' with porn

ARCADIA, Fla. (WLS) -- A Florida boy's fourth grade Zoom classroom conference was interrupted by pornography, according to his mother.

"He was logged in and I was doing the dishes and I started to hear bad words," said Claudia Reyes.

She ran over to the laptop and said she saw pornographic video playing on the screen.

"I put my hand on the other side of the screen so he wouldn't see anything, but I could see the other kids' faces and they were like shocked," said Reyes.

Similar to photobombing, Zoombombing is a new emerging trend.

A stranger jumps on to derail the conference call and it can be hard to figure out who that person is and shut it down, according to WFTS.

Zoom said it went from 10 million users last year to nearly 200 million by last month, as the pandemic pushed more people online. The company said it "fell short on privacy and security expectations."

Zoom is now providing several protection measures:

  • Never publicly share the personal meeting ID

  • Only allow signed-in users to join via an e-mail invite

  • Lock the meeting down completely to outsiders once everyone is in
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