Coronavirus Update: What does the future of restaurants look like as states begin easing restrictions

As more states move to ease stay-at-home restrictions, restaurants are starting to open their doors while putting new social distancing policies in place.

From South Carolina, to Texas, and even parts of California, we're getting a first look at what the future of dining out looks like as society adjusts to a new normal.

A Waffle House in Pasadena, Texas is putting bags over chairs to encourage social distancing, and a pizza restaurant in South Padre Island is also implementing socially distanced seating.

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"It makes me feel great I mean it feels like a resurgence you know a new beginning," said D'Pizza Joint owner Michael Sularz.

Now as more states prepare to move to the next phase, the U.S. is closely watching how restaurants get back into business overseas. Yardbird Hong Kong, which re-opened almost a month ago, is now using Plexiglas dividers between booths. They are also not allowing parties larger than four, and are requiring waiters and customers to wear masks, as well as sanitizing surfaces every half-hour.

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"Everyone's using this word 'the new normal' but it's kind of what we've adjusted to," said Yardbird Hong Kong Co-Founder Lindsay Jang. "And even though the energy isn't necessarily the same, I think people really appreciate the boundaries that you're putting in place so that they do feel safe dining."

In Seoul, South Korea, where the curve has flattened, guests are greeted with a body temperature checks, hand sanitizer and free face masks.

Chains like McDonald's are debuting new prototypes, like the one in the Netherlands, with hand-washing stations at the entrance, workers behind plastic screens and Plexiglas between tables.

Coffee giant Starbucks is also starting to welcome back guests at locations around the world.

They announced they'll reopen over 85% of their stores in the U.S. by the end of the week, greeting guests with new features like markers on the ground to stay apart, pickup options outdoors and Plexiglas shields at the counters where customers can pay electronically.