Organization fighting for access to clean water goes virtual amid COVID-19 pandemic

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Like many large events during the pandemic, the 2020 Global 6K for Water has been canceled.

The goal of the organization is to help make sure everyone has access to clean water, but this year the event has gone virtual.

Country Club Hills resident, Josephine Robinson, is keeping her social distancing while still embracing World Vision's Global 6K for Water.

"In so many countries people have to get up, walk, six k is a little bit under four miles, they get a dirty source of water and they have to bring it back," Robinson said.

Robinson is a partner coordinator for World Vision and said the organization's annual clean water fundraiser takes on new importance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We have a great infrastructure so that, you know, some of us are still able to work, and those who are not working, we have a social safety net, but we think about people that are in other countries, they don't have the basics like clean water so that's why I decided, we've got to still do what we can to contribute to this wonderful effort," Robinson said.

World Vision says in 2019 alone the organization reached more than four million people with hand-washing advice and helped build nearly half a million hand washing stations.

"It's an opportunity for us to feel that we're blessed, and that because we're blessed, we have an opportunity to be a blessing to others," said Robinson.

Because of coronavirus, no major in-person events like years past but Saturday morning family safely joining Robinson for the almost four mile trek.

"We had so much things for granted, such as water and walking and not having to walk to get water so why not be a blessing to someone else that has to do with every day just to have water to brush their teeth and to wash their face and to drink. When I can just walk to my bathroom and get it myself," said Robinson's niece, Javona Hamb.

World Vision says each year that giving spirit helps tens of thousands get clean water and stresses that resource are more important than ever before.
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