PAWS Chicago offers virtual training courses for dogs

CHICAGO (WLS) -- PAWS Chicago is now offering virtual dog training classes, it's like e-learning for your pup!

The PAWS Chicago Training Center virtual program offers everything from classes designed for puppies to teaching your dog how to jump through a hula hoop.

"Training is designed to develop the human-to-animal bond, improve communications skills, build confidence, reward appropriate behavior, and prevent future behavior problems," the shelter said in a statement announcing the classes.

Training continues to be crucial for dogs while typical socialization activities may no longer be available due to social distancing.

"Dogs don't understand the COVID-19 quarantine, so they still need enrichment and training. Doing training from home, in the dog's environment, provides a unique opportunity to meet the dog's needs," said Joan Harris, PAWS Chicago Director of Canine Training and Behavior.

Interested dog parents can learn more and sign up at
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