IL billionaires Gov. Pritkzer, Ken Griffin fight over state's proposed graduated tax amendment

One of the hottest contests on ballots across Illinois this November won't feature a single candidate.

The fight over a graduated income tax amendment is turning into a battle of the billionaires.

According to Illinois Board of Elections records, Illinois' richest man and Citadel founder Ken Griffin donated $20 million to the Coalition to Stop the Proposed Tax Hike Amendment on Aug. 27. The group opposes switching Illinois' income tax from a flat rate to one based on income levels.

Gov. JB Pritzker has donated $56.5 million to Vote Yes for Fairness, which supports the measure.

In a statement, Griffin said in part "It's time the Governor and Illinois legislature stop taking advantage of constituents and wasting hard-earned taxpayer dollars. It's time for the Governor and the legislature to focus on spending our money wisely to provide for better schools, better public safely, better infrastructure and greater opportunities for all our citizens."
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