Ernie Banks' caretaker reveals items left by Cubs great

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The battle over Cubs great Ernie Banks' estate, and what's left in it, continued Wednesday in court.

All parties have been back and forth to court at the Daley Center, first trying to determine who's in charge of the estate, what's in the estate - and now there are more questions in light of two newly revealed bank accounts.

"The inventory has been filed and we are moving forward with dealing with the estate," said Linda Chatman, attorney for Regina Rice, Banks' caretaker.

The beloved Mr. Cub died in January. Since his death, his family has clashed with Rice, the woman named executor of the estate.

Previously Rice reported the estate of the baseball legend to be worth only $16,000.

Banks' family questioned how the hall of famer with a lifetime of appearances and memorabilia could not be worth more.

It was revealed Wednesday that Banks and Rice had two joint accounts - a bank account and a trust.

"Counsel and I are going to discuss that and we are looking at whether that is part of the estate or not. That's the issue," Chatman said.

The attorney for Banks' wife, Elizabeth Banks, has pressed the executor to reveal more details about the estate's contents and now the joint accounts.

"The executor provides that information," said Tom Jefson, attorney for Elizabeth Banks. "It's her position that they do not want to provide it. So that's why we're going to have a hearing on it."

"Our position is that it is not a part of the estate," Chatman said.

Neither Rice or any of the Banks family members were in court Wednesday. Attorneys for both parties are expected to be back in court next month.
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