Viewers share tips on how to avoid front load washing machine mold, odor

ABC7 viewers have weighed in with their own tips after our story about moldy, stinky washing machines.

Front-load washing machines are known to have these problems because water gets tramped inside, creating a funky smell.

Samantha Chatman was one of those consumers with a smelly front load washing machine.

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Every time she would wash my clothes and come back from another load...there was this mildew like odor. Turns out, it's mold and it's a very common problem for front load washers.

Many reached out to Chatman on social media to help me and other consumers out! Here are some of your front load washer tips!

Mr. Jones tweeted me saying: "@SamChatmanABC7 caught you washing machine story, try putting vinegar in all of the dispensers of your washing machine and wash on the longest hottest setting. This will take the funky smell out also."

Jill on Facebook said: "Leave the machine door open after using it. Haven't had a problem since I started doing this."

And Tasha said Instagram, "Clean the inside and rim after every wash. Leave the door open. The only time the door should be closed is if you're washing. LEAVE IT OPEN SAM."

Chatman's boss Sarah called with another good suggestion that worked for her. She said make sure the detergent drawer is dry after use and leave it open to avoid moisture and mold.

For more tips on how to manage your front load washer and avoid a nasty odor due to mold, click here.
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