Men posing as plumbers ransack elderly woman's home in Northbrook

NORTHBROOK, Ill. (WLS) -- Northbrook police say two men who pretended to be plumbers ransacked an elderly woman's home Friday.

The elderly victim opened her door in the 2500-block of Joshua Lane around 7 p.m. Friday to find two men in the entryway, according to police. The men allegedly told the victim they needed to check her plumbing and pushed the door open.

The victim told police that one of the men took her to the basement while the other went through multiple rooms upstairs.

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Police say this type of crime is commonly known as a "ruse" burglary and because they allegedly used force to make entry it is classified as a home invasion. They also said there is a similar incident currently under investigation in Northbrook.

If someone comes to your residence unexpectedly and you don't know who they are, do not open the door for them and call 911, police say.

Officials say the woman is OK and refused medical attention.
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