Woody Allen in Chicago for 'Irrational Man' screening

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Director Woody Allen made an appearance in Chicago for the screening of his latest film "Irrational Man."

For the second year in a row, Allen has come to Chicago, and this time he arrived with wife of 22 years, Soon-Yi Previn to screen his 46th film.

For almost five decades, the director has been releasing a movie a year. This one starring Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone is about a philosophy professor who romances a student while becoming obsessed with murder.

This is the second of four Allen films that is being backed by Metropolitan Capital Bancorp and executive producer Ron Chez.

Indie film favorite Parker Posey, who co-stars, has never worked with Allen before.

"I met him 20 years ago for Bullets Over Broadway and Shadows, and there wasn't a part that was right for me all these years," Posey said.

"I knew the name but did not know her," Allen said. "I had seen her in passing very briefly. When my casting director suggested her, I said, 'Well, have her come in so I can see what she looks like,' and that was it,"

Allen is known for avoiding modern technology like computers, but he is slated to deliver a six-part television series next year for streaming on Amazon Prime.

"If this idea I am working on works out, I will be the lead in the Amazon thing and if it doesn't work out I will go do some other show and put the burden on someone else," he said.

Besides the Amazon project, Allen is working on film No. 47, which is due out next year and stars Bruce Willis.
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