Mount Prospect mother, son meet Aaron Rodgers on Chicago street

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A Mount Prospect mother and son made a holiday visit to Chicago in November - and had a chance encounter with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Bears fans Peter Nicoll and Julia Nicoll were walking in the city when they saw Rodgers standing at a stoplight on Washington Street.

"The three of us...just talking like completely normal," Julia Nicoll said. "Like I said it was kinda like three people catching up, just really normal."

Julia Nicoll said Rodgers showed a genuine interest in their lives as they talked for 20 minutes about everything from Thanksgiving to the sports Peter Nicoll plays.

"A couple times I even said to him, 'Gosh, this is crazy,' and he would just laugh a little bit," Julia Nicoll said. "And there were times I was thinking, 'please remember this entire experience...every conversation...every step."

The group also snapped a quick photo that is now going viral.
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