Adams & Son Gardens remains a constant for community in changing Humboldt Park

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Adams & Son Gardens owner Tony Adams took a risk as soon as he started running the family business in Humboltd Park 15 years ago.

His parents Irene and Gus had spent decades operating a fruit market with the same name at the same location. But they had all shared a dream of opening a garden center.

"In my house, I have over 400 plants. I'm a plant freak," Tony said. "And it just clicked. Why not do what you love?"

Gus and Irene were excited for the change, and trusted their son through the challenge.

"The dream was a garden center, because we love flowers, vegetables, trees, everything," Gus said. "The dream came true."

The market had been open for 25 years, and Tony wasn't sure if Humboldt Park was "ready for a plant shop." 15 years later, he's confident he made the right decision.

Humboldt has seen major changes to its demographics and businesses over the past 40 years. But Adams & Sons remains a constant.

The Adams family and their surrounding community have built a bond that keeps them passionate about their shop.

"They're not customers to us, they're more like family. They touch home," Irene said.

"What's our dream? To be old in wheel chairs and we're still working here."
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