Couple's real estate, non-profit organization works to provide affordable housing in Chicago

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A partnership between a real estate development company and a social service organization in Chicago is working to bring affordable housing to the community.

The union serves as an example of how a for-profit company and a nonprofit organization can come together with a common goal.

Peter and Jackie Holsten joined ABC7 Chicago in the studio to tell us how they are making a difference.

Jackie Holsten is chairman of the board of Holsten Human Capital Development (HHCD), a not-for-profit with a mission of strengthening at-risk populations. It serves more than 1,800 households.

Holsten's husband, Peter, is the president of the Holsten Real Estate Development Corporation, which provides affordable housing to more than 5,000 residents across Chicago.

Many of those served were recently experiencing homelessness. They require social services to help with mental health assistance, wellness, substance abuse and employment. HHCD works to provide these services in hopes of making the transition into affordable housing successful.

On Friday, Holsten Human Capital Development is hosting a fundraiser at Gibsons on Rush, where the Community Sustainability Award will honor Jim Letchinger and work to ignite the possibilities of how real estate developers can help end homelessness.

Tickets can be purchased for $100 and proceeds will help purchase a van for HHCD.

For more information visit Holsten Human Capital Development.
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