Adoption surprise: Ind. woman has priceless reaction to new granddaughter

FRANKLIN, Ind. -- A woman expecting the arrival of her Air Force son and his wife for Christmas was caught off guard when they arrived with a surprise baby.

Eva Goeb's only son, Donny Goeb, an active duty military officer stationed in Hawaii, had told her that he and his wife, Miranda, would not be home for Christmas.

Eva and her husband Don heard a knock on the door when they were getting ready for church.

Standing at the door was their son Donny and his wife - in Donny's arms was Lily, a 2-week-old baby he and Miranda are in the process of adopting.

In the footage, Eve Goeb is seen embracing her new granddaughter with love and tears.

The video has been generating a lot of love online and has more than three million views on YouTube.

ABC News contributed to this report.
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