'The Plea': Lincoln Park student writes poem expressing feelings about death of George Floyd

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A young Lincoln Park student is getting lots of buzz about her attempt to express her feelings after the death of George Floyd.

She wrote a powerful poem is a plea to be heard.

Alaina Brown is a popular and accomplished student at Lincoln Park High School, but she says the George Floyd killing was a call to action.

"It's just so painful to watch that my grandparents, my great grandparents, my parents had to go through this and we're still going through this now," Brown said.

The reality of the times prompted the 15-year-old to start writing her poem is called "The Plea."

The poem appeared on her blog and was also born out of her own frustration.

"As a black person, they think you have to live up to certain expectations, certain stereotypes. And if I don't live up to those stereotypes than they say I'm too white or I don't act like I'm black," she said. "It's upsetting because I know who I am, but it seems like everybody else has a problem with it. I'm constantly reminded that I'm different from others here in Lincoln Park."

Alaina mom, Genie, grew up on the Westside and worries about the world her daughters will inherit.

"Sometimes I always wonder whether they really know the state of this country. Do they really feel it as deeply as they should," Genie said. "As black women, as young black women growing up in this country. To read her words, to see that she really gets it, it touched my heart."

Now, her plea is apparently touching other hearts as well.

"I want to give hope to people that my generation could possibly be the generation to fix this," Alaina said, "I know it might not be, but we need to improve this."

"The Plea"
By Alaina Brown

Another breath
Another beating heart
Another full life

When will it stop?
When will you stop? When will this stop?

Does another life have to be lost?
Or another two?
How many? I pray none.

He couldn't breathe
He suffered slowly
He was pinned down

He wasn't heard

This is my plea...
Just stop
I know it won't happen quickly, but...

We keep on trying to rise
It'll be a surprise
When you look in our eyes
And do something about black lives

A different color
That's all we are
A darker color?
You go too far
This isn't a game
We're not kids anymore
It's been going on for centuries
There IS no before

Equality is out the window
This is far below it
You say you're not racist? Okay, then show it.

I'm 15 years old
It's 2020
I watch the news
It's still the 20th century

Come on.

We're not laughing
We never were
it's not fun and games when lives are lost.

No, that's murder
That's hate
That's immaturity
That's apathy

I'm losing hope
So here's my plea
His life was as valuable as yours
You hurt his family

You're torturing my sisters
You're beating my brothers
They must fight to live
Do you think that their mothers want that?

Please, don't do this anymore.
I don't want to be at this state again
Where i have to write a plea
To get inside your head

Or maybe I didn't
But one thing's for sure
Don't stand there, thinking you aren't involved
When you are...

Case adjourned.

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