Autopsy released in fatal police shooting of Alfontish Cockerham

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Autopsy results have been released in the fatal shooting of 23-year-old Alfontish Cockerham.

The results come as witnesses dispute whether Cockerham pointed a gun at officers; the results of the autopsy show that Cockerham was shot twice, at least once from behind.

An attorney for the family has already obtained security camera video that reportedly shows the shooting.

When officers arrived at the corner of 71st and Merrill on June 20, they found four men, one of whom was Cockerham. According to witnesses, he ran away, but police say he turned and aimed a weapon at them.

An officer fired several shots at Cockerham, autopsy reports stating that he was hit by two bullets including a penetrating entry type gunshot wound on the left buttock that apparently was fired from behind him.

The autopsy confirms the projectile pathway is back to front, and a second shot, "the wound on the right thigh." It's unclear whether that bullet entered from the front of behind.

Activist William Calloway is calling on the City of Chicago to release video from a private business security camera that captured the shooting. Sources claim that video will show Cockerham was on the ground with his hands in the air - not holding a weapon - when the officer fired more shots.

"We're prepared to file suit, I was giving the city until the end of today - basically the end of this business day to reach out to release the tape," Calloway said.

Police say they did recover a gun from the scene that night.

A spokesperson for the city's law department issued a statement Tuesday saying: "This incident is under investigation by IPRA and it would be inappropriate for us to comment. As we have made clear, the city needs a new policy that accounts for all of the issues that have been raised, and we're working on that with the help of the task force."

Activists say the officer who fired the shots is still working on the street. The city has not identified him.

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