Zollipops founder is self-made millionaire at age 14

Alina Morse is a 14-year-old entrepreneur. She is the inventor, founder and CEO of Zollipops, known as "the after you eat treat for a healthy smile."

Alina's all-natural candy line is sold at 10K retail stores. In 2018, she cleared $6 million at retail and she is committed to giving 2 million products through the "Two Million Smiles" campaign to help fight America's most chronic childhood disease-tooth decay. She is on the forefront of a category providing growth for retailers and healthier options for consumers. She has delivered a TED Talk, was the youngest person ever on the cover of Entrepreneur Magazine, and was named by InStyle Magazine as "1 of 50 Badass Women To Change The World in 2019."

She is in town for the Sweet & Snacks Expo where she will be unveiling four new product lines and will debut her lines in Chicago.