Amazon Web Services S3 service experiences outage, downs websites and apps

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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

NEW YORK -- An outage with one of the biggest Internet host providers Tuesday caused websites and apps to stop working.

Amazon Web Services S3 servers reported issues in the Northeast just after 1 p.m.

AWS later posted this message on Twitter:

These are the details from Amazon:

Update at 10:33 AM PST: We're continuing to work to remediate the availability issues for Amazon S3 in US-EAST-1. AWS services and customer applications depending on S3 will continue to experience high error rates as we are actively working to remediate the errors in Amazon S3.

The server outage seems to be impacting websites like Slack, Trello, Quora, IFTTT and many others. Services like remote access to Nest thermostats also seemed to be affected.

Since some sites and services may only use AWS for parts of their sites or apps, certain options like photos or video may not load.

The outage even impacted a website that checks and shows the status of other sites that may be down,

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