Going, going, gone! Man takes a swing and falls off platform at Top Golf

Thursday, May 18, 2017 11:04AM
Going, going, gone! Man falls off platform at Top Golf in Fort Worth.

FORT WORTH, Texas - There's a saying to never celebrate a victory too early. As sports enthusiasts would agree, waiting until the clock hits zero is the only way to know the game is over -- and a way to save yourself from an embarrassment.

For a Fort Worth man, celebrating too early landed him in the netting at Top Golf.

In a video posted on Twitter by Nathan, the man proceeded to celebrate after swinging and missing the ball. As he celebrated, he stepped off the platform and fell into the netting.

Man falls off platform at Top Golf in Fort Worth

"For a split second everyone screamed and was scared," Nathan told ABC13. "Once he landed safely on the net and we saw he was OK, it was all laughs."

In the world of social media, they'll be laughing about this fall for years.
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