What to know about 'frost nip,' which kids can get playing in the cold and snow

Tuesday, January 02, 2018 02:41PM
AccuWeather explains "frost nip," a less severe version of frostbite which kids can get from being out in the cold too long.

If your kids love playing out in the snow for long periods of time, be careful that they don't get frost nip.

"Frost nip" is a less severe version of frostbite. Kids are more vulnerable to the cold than adults because they lose more heat from their skin, so be sure to look out for frost nip on your kids.

Signs and symptoms of frost nip include skin damage, redness and scaling which affect the cheeks, ears, nose, fingers and toes.

To treat frost nip, bring your child inside and place the affected areas in water between 100 and 105 degrees until feeling returns. Don't rub or massage the skin.
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