Amy Sue Pagnac search reopens; Minnesota girl missing 25 years

Tuesday, May 20, 2014
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MAPLE GROVE, Minn. -- In Minnesota, FBI and police have searched the childhood home of a girl missing for 25 years. Amy Pagnac was 13 years old when she disappeared in 1989.

"If she's alive and in another state, just please call us so we can touch base with you," said Amy's parents at the time of the disappearance.

No suspects, no evidence, no answers. It's led to 25 years of searching that continued this week at the Pagnac family home.

"It's not a specific piece of information, it's more of a process that brought us to their house," said Capt. Keith Terlinden, Maple Grove, Minn., police.

Maple Grove police, Hennepin County and the FBI are executing a search warrant, though they won't say what exactly they are looking for or how long it might take.

"We have a goal in mind within the search warrant, and we'll leave once that goal has been accomplished," Terlinden said.

Police are quick to point out that Amy's parents are not suspects at this time, and Amy's mother Susan said she welcomes the attention to the case.

"They are doing something, it may not make sense to me, but they are doing something. If this is the thing they have to do to get to the next step and the next step, then we will do it," Susan Pagnac said.

Susan Pagnac's husband Marshall Midden, who adopted Amy when she was a child, says the two stopped at an Osseo gas station August 5, 1989. Midden said he went inside, he says when he returned, Amy was gone. Today, she would be 37. And both Amy's mother and the police say they are working under the assumption that anything is possible...

"If there are people out there that know where Amy is, we're asking them to contact us as well and we'll follow up on those leads," Terlinden said.

"We miss her and we just want her home," Susan Pagnac said.