Anjanette Young, botched Chicago police raid victim, rallies for reform outside South Side church

CHICAGO (WLS) -- There was a big show of support Monday for the woman at the center of a botched Chicago Police Department raid.

A large group gathered at Anjanette Young's church on Chicago's South Side calling for police reform. Young and her supporters called for changes in the police department to make sure this doesn't happen again.

Instead of fighting her battle in silence, Young continued to share her humiliating experience with the Chicago police as call to action against injustice.

"I would tell it again today, I would tell it again tomorrow. I will tell it again until no other woman in the city of Chicago is ever treated that way again," Young said.

To the dozens who came out to support her at peaceful rally today, Young represents the kind of courage Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. called for in his fight for racial justice.

"People will not be silent and we're not going to just let this go," attendee Courtney Peterson said. "We will continue to fight for justice for her and every single person who has been a victim of police violence."

Young retold her story about how 12 white male police officers humiliated, disrespected and ignored her as they wrongfully raided her home in 2019.

"A man stood close enough to me while I was naked to put handcuffs on me," Young said. "That's sexual assault."

Young and her attorney Kennan Saulter are calling for a new city ordinance that would require the automatic public release of police body and dashcam video and a requirement to diversify warrant teams.

"If you are going to have a warrant and you're gonna send a team in, make sure that there is a woman who is with that team," Saulter said.

Until there is real reform, Young said she will continue to stand up for herself and others who have been mistreated by police.

"I leave here today asking you to walk away with fire and passion to continue to do this work as we tell the city of Chicago: enough is enough," Young said.

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