Thieves steal $50K worth of products from California Apple store

BURLINGAME, Calif. -- Police in Burlingame, California, said thieves got away with about $50,000 worth of merchandise from an Apple store Thursday night.

Seven suspects, described as males between ages 16 and 21, ran inside and grabbed just about everything they could off of the display tables, according to the Burlingame Police Department.

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This is not the first time this type of crime has happened at the Burlingame Apple store. In September of last year, the Burlingame Apple store was burglarized and then it happened again a few weeks ago.

Ellie Mullins witnessed it. She was in the store looking at phones at the time of the crime. She said the whole store fell silent and customers looked panicked as masked young men ran inside.

"Four masked men, they come running into the Apple store and they start detaching phones," Mullins said. "Two guys grabbed like three laptops and they just ran out. It was really scary."

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"It's kind of sad actually because I read online that there were Apple store robberies happening all around the Bay Area," she said.

Mullins is correct. Last year, Apple stores in Walnut Creek, Santa Rosa, Burlingame and other cities fell victim to the same style of burglary. ABC7 News reported in September 2018 that the same type of crime happened five times in less than two weeks.

The suspect vehicles involved in this most recent case in Burlingame are described as a gray Volkswagen sedan and SUV. Apple advised ABC7 News to reach out to Burlingame Police Department for further comment.
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