Peterson's son's personnel files subpoenaed

December 6, 2007 5:17:52 PM PST
Illinois state investigators have subpoenaed the personnel files of three men with connections to the village of Oakbrook Police Department. Among them: Steve Peterson, one of Drew Peterson's sons. Twenty-eight-year-old Steve Peterson has been a patrolman in suburban Oakbrook since 2004, the same year one of his stepmothers, Kathleen Savio, was found dead in a bathtub. The Savio case has been now been reopened.

When Steve Peterson's current stepmother, Stacy, 23, vanished almost six weeks ago, he was on vacation, according to police sources - a vacation that he extended several times in November.

On Wednesday afternoon, as authorities were searching the sanitary ship canal for evidence in his latest stepmother's disappearance, Steve Peterson returned to work in Oakbrook.

But while he was gone, the day before Thanksgiving, state police officers executed subpoenas at Oakbrook police headquarters.

The I-Team has learned that state authorities removed Steve Peterson's police personnel file and other records of his recent patrol activities. Twice, Steve Peterson has also been called in front of a Will County grand jury that is looking into the disappearance of Stacy Peterson.

The I-Team has also been told by investigators that state police seized the Oakbrook department personnel files of two of Peterson's closest friends on the force. One recently resigned while under investigation for professional misconduct. The other was recently terminated for lying and unauthorized access of criminal files.

That is the same allegation that sources say Drew Peterson is facing in Bolingbrook - the sale of criminal records.

"Drew denies that he has used the computers or the databases in any unauthorized manner," said attorney Joel Brodsky. "However, our investigation reveals that it was common practice for members of the Bolingbrook Police Department and employees, to run warrant checks and name checks for friends, for family members and even to run prank names, rather risque prank names, when they would get bored in the evening."

Those who know Drew and Steve Peterson say the men are more like best friends than father and son. Drew was Steve's best man at his wedding last August.

Steve and his new wife live in a north Aurora home. She is a federal agent with the inspector general's office for the U.S. Housing Department.

Teresa Peterson has been questioned by investigators as to her husband's whereabouts and activities the past six weeks.

When the I-Team spoke with Steve Peterson at his home, he declined to answer any questions about his father's case or the subpoenas of his police personnel file and records of his law enforcement computer searches.