Women trapped in elevator 2 days

December 25, 2007 5:48:39 PM PST
A suburban woman and her grown daughter were trapped inside an elevator on Chicago's Northwest Side for almost two days. Chicago Fire Department crews freed the women Monday morning.

Roma Borowski and her daughter, Beata, are savoring the smells of dinner cooking after eating only two pieces of candy in the last two days. That's all they had in their pockets when they got in the elevator Saturday evening to begin their cleaning job in the offices of the Athletico Physical Therapy. They expected the job to take no more than an hour, but once they got in the elevator, hit the button and nothing happened, they realized they were in trouble.

"We were in shock right away. We tried to open the door. We tried to press the phone button. It wouldn't work at all," said Beatta Bartoszewic.

The offices were closed for the weekend and the women had left their cell phones in the car. They set off the car alarm by remote. Todd Pagos heard it from next door.

"I called police, the police came over. I think they gave a ticket to the car," said Pagos.

Around mid-morning on Monday the fire department came to the rescue after Athletico manager Grant Koster stopped by and realized there was a problem.

"We hit the elevator door and we heard people screaming- and they had a Polish accent, and I knew they were the cleaning ladies," said Koster.

The women, greatly relieved, gave Koster a big hug. He then helped them jump start their car because the alarm eventually ran their battery down.

"I'm happy that I can eat my dinner," said Beata.

The manager at Athletico wasn't due back to work until Wednesday morning, but had some last-minute work to do.