Authorities unsure why dead student was in NW Ind.

January 15, 2008 3:29:31 PM PST
Police are trying to determine why a Michigan State University student traveled to northwest Indiana where her body was found last week.Workers at the Brassie Golf Club in Chesterton found the body of 20-year-old Rylan Cotter on January 9. An autopsy found she died from massive blunt force trauma to her chest and abdomen.

Police say she left East Lansing, Michigan on January 7. Cotter was seen later that day at a motel in Benton Harbor and someone saw her in Chesterton.

"He saw her vehicle there for a number of days on Monday. We did not find the vehicle until Wednesday. So having been a pedestrian in the area, walking his dog, whatever, traveling through the area also he saw the vehicle three days in a row," said Lt. David Cincoski, Chesterton Police Dept..

Investigators can't say yet if Cotter's death was an accident or if someone killed her.