Report: Jenna Bush plans May 10 wedding

January 17, 2008 8:29:40 PM PST is reporting that first daughter Jenna Bush and her fiancé Henry Hager will marry on May 10 in a ceremony at the Western White House in Crawford, Texas.A source says that Jenna has already selected her bridesmaids and that the wedding will be small. (The source must not be counting the scores of photographers who are going to be camped out around the Secret Service protected Bush ranch praying for a glimpse of what Jenna's wearing.)

The country first learned that the president's daughter was getting hitched shortly after Mr. Hager, of Virginia, proposed to Ms. Bush on August 15.

In an interview with ABC's "World News" anchor Charlie Gibson late last year, President and Mrs. Bush said it was unclear whether the young couple would jump the broom at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. They will not, according to People Magazine. In that same ABC News interview, Mr. Bush also described how Hager asked for permission to propose.