An Emotional Day

KFSN The wake was the last time family and friends had a chance to say good-bye to Krista-Rae Pike before her body is cremated.

It was an emotional day. A day filled with sadness and anger.

Four days have passed since residents in the city of Madera learned of Krista-Rae Pike's tragic murder.

Friends and family held a candle light vigil Wednesday to remember Pike, an 18-year old senior at Madera High.

Jacob Potter, Friend: "She was never done up like that. She was always down to earth kind of tom-boyish and we had a lot of fun."

Kymberlie Alves, Friend: Wonderful person. Every time you'd see her she'd have a smile on her face. She was the most amazing person.

Madera police believe a jealous rivalry led to Pike's death.

Investigators say 16-year old Brittany Navarra was upset her former boyfriend,

Thomas Hollier was engaged to Pike.

Police believe Navarra's hatred for Pike manifested Monday afternoon when she allegedly asked 19-year old Dustin Gran to help kill Pike.

"I don't see any point in why it had to happen the way it did."

Investigators believe some evidence of the plot to take Pikes life can be found on postings at

Alves: "I didn't know them but I did find them on MySpace and was trying to figure out why they did it. And…it always happens to the greatest people in life."

And that, friends said, is why they came to pay their respects at Pike's wake.

As for Gran and Navarra, they face charges of first degree murder, attempted rape and burglary.

Potter: "I just hope that…they'll get it. It's karma. Karma will come back to get them. Justice will be served."

The DA says Gran and Navarra will make an appearance in court in February.

Pike's death was Madera's first murder of the year.

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